Club House


The magnificent Club House of the El Potrerillo de Larreta is simple, functional, modern and elegant. Inaugurated at the end of 2014, was the creation of architects Claudia Mestre and Ignacio Zuberbuhler Larreta. A key aspect in its design was the capacity of the building to become integrated into the natural setting of holes 9 and 18, on top of the rock outcroppings. Splendid views from its terrace to the golf course and the hills. Its à la carte restaurant is run by Chef Martín Zuzulich. It also has a bar, roofed verandah, parrilla (BBQ Grill) and asador a la llama (whole sections of beef being fixed onto an iron cross and cooked very slowly over an open fire), living-room, meeting and conference room, changing rooms, offices and a wine cellar.  Club House: Tel: 03547 439088. Tel: 03547 439088.

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